Drake Gives $1 Million Away in His “God’s Plan” Video and It’s Important

Drake just gave away $1 million, yet the most important thing he’s done with his “God’s Plan” video is worth a hell of a lot more. It had me feeling some kind of way.

giphy (20)

You get the scoop right away when you see the title screens: “The budget for this video was $996,631.60. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the record label.”

This video was shot beautifully by Karena Evans (aka Director X). The way you see the people of Miami and the city itself throughout the video is so vibrant, positive, genuine and raw — along with the messaging that follows.

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Most people are going to praise Drake for his selfless monetary donations, but I saw something different. I saw a celebrity who shed his hubris to hold the door of opportunity open for people that normally wouldn’t have that door open to them at all. Drake doesn’t seem to care about money or fame. His love is simple: “I only love my bed and my momma. I’m sorry.” So what’s $1 million mean to Drake? Not much, but it means a lot to others. He proves that in the video.

Miami High School gets $25K

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Parts of this video were shot at Miami High School and Drake donated $25,000 to their after school program.

Why it’s important: Educational resources aren’t as readily available to underserved populations in Miami —and throughout the United States in general. Starting by providing opportunity to kids during their formative years of education is huge in setting up the workforce for diversity later in life. Drake saw that.

Going to College for Free on Drake’s Dime

giphy (17).gif

Destiny James is 20 years old and had submitted countless scholarship applications and essays to help find funding for her college education. Much to her surprise, she got the funding she needed in full from Drake.

Why it’s important: This is the next step of the educational funnel. There are plenty of students all around the world who have the desire to educate themselves and bring that back to their communities, yet they don’t have the funds or want to be engulfed in debt. Drake centralized on this issue providing Destiny with an opportunity she may not have received otherwise.

“Everything you see in the store is free”

giphy (18).gif

Next stop Drake made his way to a grocery store — and not a Hyvee or a Baker’s, y’all. He went to your local neighborhood grocery store.

Why it’s important: So many families these days have to choose between their medical bills, their regular bills and feeding their families. That’s insane. Drake choosing this avenue may seem to be a smaller gesture, but it’s a HUGE relief to those families to know that maybe this month that hard choice is one they don’t have to make.

Funding Families

giphy (19).gif

This is what I think the most centralized part of the whole effort was. Families — especially the mommas out there. Drake even says it himself, “We’re nothing without our mothers. You gotta take care of your mother. That’s all we got.” He selects families to give cold hard cash to. He gave $50,000 to a women’s and children’s shelter while also providing toys to those children. Drake made sure to make this possibly the largest effort of all.

Why it’s important: The first sense of community some people might ever have is within their families. Drake is doing his best to provide opportunity to families so that they might be able to care of one another a little easier. This can then have benefits later in the community.

It wasn’t lost on me that the lyrics of “God’s Plan” and what he was doing in the video directly correlate. From sound bites like “Thank God for what’s happening right now. It may not be good, but thank god” to his lyrics “I don’t wanna die for them to miss me. Yes, I see the things that they wishin’ on me. Hope I got some brothers that outlive me. They gon’ tell the story” it shows that within the context of this video are important echoes passing on the torch of community and togetherness (and the hopeful dismantlement of the “us vs. them” economic mentality). Drake didn’t wait for an award show to make a point during an acceptance speech. He utilized his platform to provide opportunities— NOW. Watch his video below.


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