Lovin’ on the Locals: Domestic Blend

If you don’t think it’s possible for music to charm the heck out of you then you are dead wrong, my friend. Listen to Domestic Blend and try not to be wooed. Go ahead. I dare you.

This Omaha-based soul-pop group is true to their name blending in six different individuals with different styles and vibes that come together to form one cohesive, seamless sound that is smooth as hell. If you’re looking for a feel-good escape, this should be your jam.

Who They Are

On rhythm guitar, you have the lead singer and band founder Brady Wells who has the passion and commanding presence you crave from any front man — and he more than delivers that. Chris Doolittle brings his skills as a lead guitarist that adds meat and texture to their sound. Matt Jones adds spirit to the group with — quite honestly — the most infectious energy I’ve seen from a bassist in recent memory. Ndzi Tante brings his lyrical and vocal skills into the mix to provide smooth insatiable electricity that would be missing without him. Olivia Malik adds soulful feminine vocals that contribute flair not only to the group’s sound but to their stage presence as a whole. It all rounds out with Brandon Myers on drums who adds the smooth fluidity and control of the beat that nestles into their sound while stabilizing it.

And there you have it — a recipe for eclectic music that is memorable, feel-good and leaves you wanting more. If even one piece of this were missing, it wouldn’t sound the same which is proof of their teamwork. It’s impressive, not to mention unique. Very few groups are doing what Domestic Blend is doing.

Their Sound

You can hear the influences they claim such as John Mayer, Allen Stone, Gary Clark Jr. and more. They weave together hip-hop, blues, indie, soul and pop into something that results in a sound so effortless, seamless, positive and downright sexy that you won’t be able to stop yourself from having a good time no matter if you’re in your car or seeing them live.

Each musician is a truly skilled artist and you hear this in how effortlessly strong they sound. It takes a lot to be able to control groove the way they do — and they are masters of it. Their musicality is matched by thoughtful and provoking lyrics adding heart to their songs. Another thing I love about this group is how much of a jam band they are. Each song goes on its own journey and it takes you along for the ride — whether it’s a vocally soulful breakdown or the fluid instrumental version of that.

Why You Should Listen

This group has magic moments not only in their live performances but in their EP Space and Grit. Seeing them live is a chill feel-good party. Everyone within 100 feet becomes your best friend. When music has the ability to bring different types of people together — if even for a moment — that’s considered magic in my book. This all stems from the infectiously positive vibes each member gives off when they perform together.

On the EP, I fell in love with Melody the first time I heard it. There’s a beautiful breakdown in the middle of the song where Brady and Olivia echo each other vocally and it leads into a haunting musical section — showcasing a damn sexy guitar solo with a smooth beat that forms bones around it. This piece of music is probably my favorite part of the entire EP.

Another highlight for me was BLM. This song shows their insane ability to take a very serious topic about racial injustice and turn it into something positive and beautiful in the sound they chose to embed it in. That’s a really difficult thing to do and it’s a skill they should be applauded for.

Don’t Go is a great introduction to the base of their sound. It has all of the best hallmarks of Domestic Blend as a group. There’s a jam band element, a lyrical rap breakdown, strong musicianship and — of course — that smooth and charming vibe in every note and beat. Listen to them below and catch them live. Their next show is at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha on March 31.


Click album cover below to buy their EP.

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Catch Them Live

March 31 @ Barley Street Tavern – Omaha

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