Fresh Face: Fyra “In My Room”

Hailing from Los Angeles, California is fresh-faced newcomer Fyra. Before this soul/pop/r&b artist became was who he is today, he was just a kid mixing his own harmonies and lacing his voice together in his bedroom with nothing but a tape recorder and a computer. He later started performing with a rock band in college and now he’s settled into his newest musical endeavor as Fyra. His first single “In My Room” was released on Spotify last month.

Here’s why I like this guy. When you talk to Fyra you automatically see he is humble and hardworking. More than that, he appreciates the role experimentation and evolution plays in music and incorporates that into his style. He looks up to artists like Childish Gambino, Incubus and Justin Timberlake because of how they work to evolve their music and have fan bases that openly encourage it. Coming from a rock background and now settling into a sound that’s more pop and r&b influenced, he’s no stranger to transformation. This adds to his potential.

Hearing about his relationship with music over the years is endearing and relatable. When musicians have that fire inside of them, they’ll find a way to create with whatever is around them. In this single, you hear his pop roots shining through with something that is enjoyable and easy to listen to. I’m excited to see how his music evolves past this first single to incorporate that rock element he was born from. Check out “In My Room” below and follow him on Spotify!

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