Yoke Lore: The Most Underrated Artist You’re Not Listening to Yet but Should Be.

Somewhere between the lines of poetry, the emotional depth of a good indie-pop melody, and a presence that intoxicates, you will find Adrian Galvin’s musical brainchild: Yoke Lore. He’s a whimsy music lover’s dream who wants to take you on a journey exploring the reality of life, love and the insides of what makes us who we are. He’s challenging us to confront the emotional side of the human experience that many of us find it easy to hide from, yet desperately seek. 

The former WALK THE MOON member creates emotional art that audibly tugs at your core. When you combine his gut-wrenching lyrics that are smooth like water and combine it with his insatiable banjo, drums, and indie-pop synth fusion, something like magic takes a hold of you. Adrian is no stranger to painting hopelessly breathtaking visuals with his lyrics, music and videos. You instantly see he’s not only a true creative at heart, but he has vision that comes through in everything he touches right down to his stage presence. In a 405 Exchange Interview, Adrian explains “For this to be real and relevant I need to keep it connected to the larger framework of why I create. I need it to relate to every other part of me to be true.”

Adrian’s newest EP, Absolutes, drops today. So far, he has released three singles from it: Fake You, Cut and Run, and Ride. Of the three released, Ride is my favorite. One thing is clear. Adrian is personal. His music, videos, and live shows all feel extremely personal. Once finding his stride in previously released songs like Goodpain and Beige, it would be easy to make more of the same that his fans would love. However, with his newest singles, he manages to elevate himself, exploring new facets of who he is, and keeping the bones of what we love about him fully intact. If you’re just now listening to him, here are three songs to get you started before you dive into his EP today.


Keep my heart close to the fire so I don’t thaw
Count the spots along your arms so I remember this
Feel the weight of time and hold back the minutes

This video was directed by Adrian’s brother, Noah Galvin. You may recognize him from ABC’s The Real O’Neals as well as the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Every frame creates real moments that are as authentic as the song. You are pulled into it instantly from the lyrics I won’t wait another day…I want you riding next to me to the indie-synth beats and his breathy vocals. It never gets monotonous. It just continues to feed you for three minutes and 51 seconds— leaving you hungry for more.


Tell me something I don’t know and lead me to the place where no one ever goes
Let me go under your skin, and let me find the demons that drive those heavenly limbs
With your fingers in my mouth I fail to see your faults so please don’t let me fall
But baby could you kill a man, could you look in his eyes and feel the fire drain out of his hands

Beige is centered around how infinite love can make you feel. It’s the perfect example of how Adrian combines poetry with his musicality. When these words are sung against a backdrop of breathy banjo, it incites something so personally raw you can’t help but be sucked into it— drawing on your own experiences that will inevitably flash through your mind and bring the song’s soul to life.


That little death inside my sides won’t make it right
He wins every time I find myself inside, alone all night
I’ll be howling keeping you between my eyes, there I’ll be alright

This song showcases Adrian’s catchy and upbeat side inciting a relieving sense of freedom as soon as the chorus drops. The video and the song feel a lot like the celebration of what we find when we examine humanity  — the good, the bad and how the fusion of the two can be beautiful.

Listen to Yoke Lore’s Absolutes EP on Spotify below.


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