William Rose and the Flying Islands: Insatiable Textured Sounds

Here’s what I love about how music is evolving these days. The times of throwing musicians into one specific genre are fading. We, as humans, are complex. Our hearts and our minds are entangled with depth. So, it’s no wonder that the art we create with those innate tools will be just as complex— and that’s the beautiful part of it all. That’s something William Rose and The Flying Islands (based out of Philadelphia) embody. William Rose is a master musician and frontman, but don’t try to categorize him. Because, what he creates won’t fit into your boxes. It will beautifully paint outside the lines.

I found William Rose first on Instagram, and what struck me most were the videos of him performing— solo and with The Flying Islands. The performances were raw. Genuine. It didn’t matter what version of his shows you were getting. They were going to be consistently irresistible. His voice was most certainly going to grab you and pull you in showcasing the fact that the man has pipes for days. Whether it was performing with the band, a pub show, underneath stage lights, or intimately within the confines of a quiet room alone — he was going to drip with charisma and feed you something you’d want more of. Luckily for us, ‘more’ is what he gave. William Rose and The Flying Islands just released two singles, Loreto and Telescope. Two singles that are both so different, yet consistently good, and most definitely worth listening to.


This is my favorite of the two singles they have released. Hands down. Loreto is jam-packed with indie rock and alternative pop vibes. It’s textured and entrancing as hell musically as well as lyrically. The intro is haunting, slowly leading you in with catchy rhythms and little nuances that you nibble on until it picks up adding another texture on top of the foundation it has laid. There’s a sense of urgency, but it’s not hasty. It’s methodical and deliberate in a way that creates energy. The interesting thing is it maintains the smooth and haunting undertone underneath it all. That fusion is something I found incredibly irresistible. It continues throughout the entire track. Just when you think you know what you’re hearing, William Rose and The Flying Islands throw another texture onto what you’re hearing. There is literally something in here for everyone— melodic hooks, energetic bursts of alternative pop, and guitar shreds (my personal weakness) that will sit in your chest creating excitement. William’s voice is the icing on the cake.


Telescope is different than Loreto, but it has the same bones. However, this time you definitely hear more folk influences. Again, William Rose and The Flying Islands are about beautiful fusion. This is what I meant by not being able to classify these guys. They combine alternative pop, indie rock, and folk influences into something so cohesive, yet juxtaposed you won’t be able to predict what you hear next. But, you will definitely like it.

Loreto and Telescope are out on Spotify now! Listen to them here and be sure to follow them below!

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