Tunes to Spin: Anna of the North, The Paper Kites, Ray LaMontagne + More

One of my favorite questions is, “What are you listening to right now?” So, I’m back with more music recs for you! Not all of these are necessarily new, but they’re what I’m currently spinning a lot of (multiple genres included). Here are some of my favorites from the list, but I also put it into a Spotify playlist for you guys! Scroll to the bottom to follow it. Happy listening, music lovers.

Lovers – Anna of the North

I’m obsessed with this song. Anna of the North had me hooked when she released Baby, but with Lovers she’s feeding me all of the electro-pop love I never knew I needed. It’s light, sexy and so catchy. If you watched To All the Boys I Loved Before on Netflix, you’ll remember this from the hot tub scene. *Insert major heart eyes.*

The Epilogue- Crosses

I literally play this on repeat daily. I can’t get enough of it. Once I realized that this group is a side project for Deftones Chino Moreno, it all made sense. If you’re a Deftones fan, you’ll probably like this, too. If Change and Tempest had a lighter-feeling lovechild, it’s this song.

Bite the Hand – Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus

Rip my damn heart out. Lyrically this song is heart-wrenching in the most amazing way. Once I heard the guitar section at about :45, I was sucked in. While it’s more on the indie side, I get a hint of grunge guitar vibes from it, too. That’s probably why I loved it so much. (Cred to gal pal Kelly Bentley on this find. She has a great ear.)

It’s Always Been You – Ray LaMontagne

From the way this song is arranged to the vocals, lyrics and everything else musically in between, it leaves you with a sinking feeling that stays with you. Ray strikes again.

All for You – Night Riots

Now that you’re sufficiently emotional from the two previous songs, let me hit you with some dance-rock. Night Riots gives us light, catchy and fun with this one while still remaining somewhat chill.

Sherman Oaks – EXES

EXES is becoming one of my favorite go-to groups to listen to for just about anything. Sherman Oaks is electronic-indie-ethereal-pop that I loved from the first time I heard it.

Beautiful – Viigo

Normally when I like a song or a group I go down a rabbit hole looking them up everywhere I can online. I can’t find really any background on Viigo, guys. Bummer. This song has an upbeat groove and electronic swag that will leave you nodding your head.

Light Work – 116, Andy Mineo, 1k Phew, Eedashii, Lecrae and more

Speaking of swag, Light Work has all of it. I loved the beat of this overall.  Hold out for the end of the song (about 3 minutes in) and the whole vibe switches to something really inspirational. It reminded me a little bit of Show Me Love from Chance the Rapper and Hundred Waters.

Looking for Something – Paolo Nutini

This is a perfect fusion of old Paolo and more recent Paolo. It’s off of his album Caustic Love, which is probably my favorite from him. This song, like the others on the album, is smooth and you see how he tests himself in the arrangements he creates and his vocal ability.

Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain – The Paper Kites

How about give me all of the easy listening 80’s vibes? This song is jam-packed with them. If that’s your thing, you’ll like this.

I Adore You – Molly Burch

Molly Burch’s voice is full of haunting old classic soul with a small hint of Lana Del Rey. If either of those things sounds good to you, you’ll like this. It’s a good “slow dance in your kitchen with your favorite person” kind of jam.

Hold Me Now – Metro Boomin’ Remix- The Thompson Twins, Metro Boomin’

I’m a sucker for 80’s covers and remixes. I can’t help myself. If you remember the Gap commercial from last year, you may remember this one.

VERONA – Lastlings

Lastlings are another under the radar indie group I couldn’t find much info on. But, if you liked my above suggestions of Anna of the North or EXES you’ll probably dig this.

Over Again – Earth Radio

Soulful-funky jam band alert! Earth Radio classifies themselves as progressive soul. There are a lot of things going on in their sound, but it works pretty seamlessly. Over Again is a perfect fusion of the musical pieces that make them who they are, in my opinion.

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