Live Spotlight: Kosha Dillz, DEVMO, J. Crum, Big Mista and Domestic Blend

The thing I love about Omaha is that on any given night you can catch solid live music in scattered corners of the city. Last night was no exception. While some caught other live shows last night, others of us trickled into Reverb. We grabbed a drink and sunk into what was about to be a night filled with support, love, positive vibes and insane talent.

The lineup consisted of local acts like J. Crum, Big Mista and Domestic Blend all before the headliner, Kosha Dillz. Kosha has made his way to Omaha before, but this time he brought a secret weapon with him: DEVMO. The thing I loved about the entire night was the support the artists showed not only Omaha, but each other. Each act praised the act before it and after, mingled throughout the crowd and vibed in the audience like they weren’t just on stage right before that. It was clear, even if you’d never met before, we were all amongst friends.

Big Mista

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I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing J. Crum perform. But, I made it in time for Big Mista, whose album Back for the First Time was nominated for local album of the year at the Omaha Entertainment Awards. Big Mista warmed up the room with beats that were hard and rigid, yet smooth and a flow that cut like a knife.


Up next was Kosha Dillz’s tour-mate: the LA-based DEVMO, who has opened for acts like Elle King. You’ve heard “though she be but little she is fierce,” right? You can’t convince me that wasn’t created for girls like her. She’s talented, strong and powerful. So, while she appears sweet and unassuming, just wait until she opens her mouth. This girl is literal fire. Her lines are as fierce as her presence. Her charm and skill-level and talent as an entertainer— it’s all extremely organic and undeniable. At one point, J. Crum joined her on stage to beatbox while she spit a flow over it showcasing not only her ridiculous lyrical skills but giving us a little peek at the talent J. Crum has as well. She has a way of connecting to literally any type of crowd, while letting her audacious power speak for itself. You’ll be blown away by her disarming presence, melodic choruses and intelligent lyricism.

Domestic Blend


Omaha gem Domestic Blend took the stage next (also nominated for an Omaha Entertainment Award for “Best Soul”). You’ll never be disappointed at a Domestic Blend show. I’ve written about this crew before and I stand by everything I said. There’s no one like them. What’s new is a female singer who joined the group. Her voice is so soulful and soft, yet packed with power. I even saw a few jaws drop — and get this — she’s only 20. She’s the perfect addition to this group. There’s something about Domestic Blend that brings light and love to any room they play with infectious energy that makes you immediately fall for them. Maybe it’s the dynamic between them all when you see how much fun they’re having. Maybe it’s the fact that they make extremely entertaining, yet well-crafted music and have the legs to stand behind it when they’re performing. Maybe it’s all of the above. But, it’s definitely mixed with a little magic.

Kosha Dillz


Kosha Dillz, who mingled throughout the crowd the entire night making sure to talk to everyone, finally made his way to the stage. The thing about Kosha is he makes you feel like you’re hanging out with him in his living room. If you’re not in the room, he will literally go and find you to bring you in and be a part of the group. He has a “no man left behind” mentality, which I loved. Not only this, but he is an entertainer in his core. He will do anything to make sure his audience has a good time at his shows. While he was the main act, there was no ego. He’s recorded with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan and Matisyahu. He’s been in videos with Macklemore and ASAP Rocky. He’s had tour dates with Snoop Dogg. Did he wave that around? Not even once. He humbly supported and enthusiastically cheered on every act that played before him. He even went above and beyond to call attention to his drummer who has been touring with him for years. But when it was go-time for him, it was go-time.    

His lyrical skills are on-point and when that’s mixed with the insane rhythms his drummer brings to the table, it was impossible not to have a good time. Even if it looked like you were having a bad time, trust me. Kosha wouldn’t allow that. He’ll personally find a way to bring you in and make you feel like a welcomed part of the show. There was even a point he freestyled for endless minutes on end to seemingly every member of the audience. After you watch Kosha in action you quickly see the quality of what he creates is fine-tuned, undeniable and why he is so special.

If you missed out on the show, I’ve linked the acts below for you to catch up and follow them. Kosha Dillz and DEVMO are currently on tour together, but you should be able to catch acts like Domestic Blend, J Crum and Big Mista in Omaha. Have you seen any of these acts live before? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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