New Music Friday: “Now or Never” – Fyra, Jessica Jolia, and Noreik Thascool

Los Angeles-based Fyra is not a stranger to a consistent style of experimentation as we’ve previously heard in his other singles: In My Room, U Wanna and Riot. In each single, he has elevated himself and stretched his style while molding it into something new and interesting each time. He’s done that again in the form of collaboration with his new single Now or Never that was produced by Maw and features Jessica Jolia and Noreik Thascool.

Now or Never is one part solid groove (Fyra), one part sultry/sweet (Jessica Jolia) and one part edge (Noreik Thascool) — making it a fun and versatile r&b/dance track that will probably appeal to just about anyone. Each musician in this song is true to themselves and their own style, knowing that the combination of their styles is where the secret sauce comes from. It is what makes this team’s collaboration a strong one.

Fyra has provided classic in the pocket grooves that are smooth and packed with swagger. Jessica Jolia’s sweet and endearing Keri Hilson-esque nature comes through in a way that proves she’s the perfect complement to the other artists on this track while also showing us that she’s a force of nature. Noreik Thascool rounds it out by giving us what feels like a literal kick of flavor proving this track wouldn’t be the same without him.

Fyra is consistent in his style, his delivery and what he creates for his fans. He brings that consistent element to Now or Never, but this time with a fresh spin thanks to a little help from his (very talented) friends. The results are a song that is fun and drips with finesse. Listen to the track and leave your comments below!

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Jessica Jolia



Noreik Thascool



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