Mastering Evolution: Maw’s “pomegranatedelusion”

While the rest of the world came to a screeching halt because of the pandemic, Los Angeles music producer, Maw, used the silence to fuel the birth of a new sound. We can see the fruits of his labor with his new release pomegranatedelusion, however, to truly understand how transformative Maw’s evolution is and how it created his most recent track, we need to understand how he got there and where he came from. 

Maw’s story begins at 14-years-old with his roots as a guitarist playing for local progressive rock bands. Over the years he began producing music for several other artists in a variety of styles running from Alt R&B to EDM, Rock and Pop. During the process of writing for others, Maw began creating a sound all his own and it’s that persona he’s been crafting and releasing music from for the last 3 years. Mixing something new with his Progressive Rock and Alt R&B roots he created the perfect storm that is his new release pomegranatedilusion from his upcoming EP. 

Catching up with Maw gave me massive insight into who he has become as a producer over the last few years. My first listen to Maw’s work was in 2018 when he produced some tracks for another R&B artist, Fyra. The first thing I noticed was how big of a role art played in how he presents himself. You can hear those visuals reflected in everything you hear. It becomes abundantly clear that in addition to being extremely talented and creating work that is as catchy and interesting as it is fresh, he is something even greater than all those things…he’s consistent. He’s consistent in sound. He’s consistent in the quality of what he produces. And he’s consistent in his vibe. What you see is what you hear, and that is an incredibly difficult thing to pull off. 

Maw explained that he is in the midst of a new chapter in his life and is evolving as a producer as well as a person. This is something you can clearly hear in his work. The fact that he is growing into his own as a producer is abundantly evident, impressive and a genuine joy to listen to. He dove in to the reasons behind his musical choices and the clarity behind the visuals he uses to express his work in promotion. Read what he had to say below. 

Where did the inspiration from this new track come from?

I wrote this song in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. I was writing music for another artist, and one of the rejected songs from that batch was the foundation for PD. The initial idea sat for a couple of months, but it stuck with me. The 30-second loop already had a lot of emotional energy and it resonated with me. I think the inspiration came from the rollercoaster ride of emotions I/we all were feeling and going through last year. 

What do you want us to know about this new track or what do you hope the audience gets out of it?

This track and the upcoming EP are the most genuine material I have written so far. I’m in a new chapter of my life as an artist and human, and I hope people can identify with my journey. As personal as it is, it’s also universal.

Art seems to play a big role in your social media presence. How does that reflect in your work musically?

I work at a museum and I am surrounded by art, so needless to say, art and visuals are a strong source of inspiration. 

The musical idea always comes first, but as the song develops, I start mentally gathering visuals that can help me visually describe the mood of the song. Shout out to David Aure who is my unofficial creative director. He’s helped me flesh out my visuals and concepts over the past few months!

What can you tell us about your background or your relationship with music?

I started playing music around the age of 14. Music was my safe space. All my energy, time, and focus went into music in my youth. Eventually, after the bands disbanded and my schooling ended, I found myself producing music for others; hip-hop, trap, pop, etc. The time spent writing for others helped me hone in on a sound that I’ve been exploring as Maw for the better part of 3 years now.

What inspires you musically?

Musicians, graphic designers, videographers, dancers, a scenic view on a hike – anything that can move me emotionally is/can be an inspiration. That inspiration gets files away for future access.

How has your work evolved over the past couple of years?

When I started releasing music as Maw I was very unsure and apprehensive about my music. I had spent so many years writing for other artists that I spent the first years writing music that I thought people wanted to hear, instead of writing music I wanted to hear. I feel like I’m finally putting out music that is genuine to my story and brings together my love for rock, hip-hop, and electronic music.

What’s your favorite part of being a producer?

My favorite part is, of course, the ability to create. Creating something that hasn’t existed in the history of humanity is straight magic to me. I find it spiritual to sit in a room bring sounds together that eventually turn into musical ideas that then turn into a song!

Check out Maw’s most recent single pomegranatedelusion on Spotify. Pro tip: all of his work is great and if you’re looking for somewhere to start after this track, try some of my other personal favorites of his: Wet Ink and Year After Year.


Spotify: Maw | Instagram: @mawmusic

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