Who’s That Girl?


Hey, music lovers! Dominique here (or Nikki to those who know me best). I’ve never been much of a musician. I think I was good at reading music for about five minutes when I was in the sixth grade as a first chair flautist. But man, did I try. My first musical memory is my grandfather trying to teach me how to play keyboard when I was five. I hogged every piano and keyboard I could get my hands on until my parents caved and bought me one that I just wailed on without knowing what I was doing. The flute though, I guess could play that well enough for a few years until I put it down and never picked it back up. Flash forward to 15-years-old when my parents bought me a guitar and I cried. I “played” the shit out of it until I broke the sixth string and never picked it up again. I’m fairly certain it is still sitting in my old closet at my parents’ house keeping that flute company. The morals of this story are I apparently have an on again/off again relationship with follow-through and I’m not a musician…like not at all.  It’s ok. If you can’t play, you can still listen.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. Listening to and loving music. My dad knew growing up if I loved a movie, he not only had to buy me the movie, but it had to come with the soundtrack. Soundtracks were how I found so many of my favorite artists that none of my friends were listening to. While they were falling over Britney Spears, I was reeling off of Our Lady Peace and Bush because I had watched “An American Werewolf in Paris”, “Fear” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. They were listening to Limp Bizkit and I was d y i n g over Sneaker Pimps because of “Cruel Intentions”. I have nothing against Britney Spears and Fred Durst, though. I still shamelessly blasted their albums too. Not to mention at a point I was just straight up stealing CDs from my sister’s room and she got so tired of it she just let me keep them. And, that’s the story of how TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool became mine.

So this is just my sounding board, but it’s also for some of you who maybe also have been listening to and loving music your whole lives. Let’s share, read about and talk about music. I’ll be rambling about the music I’m listening to, shows I go to and sharing my playlists. Do the same in the comments to keep the conversation going! I don’t take myself too seriously, so you probably shouldn’t either. I’m not a critic, just a fan with an opinion.